So what does Tatum Mediation and Financial Coaching Offer?

Conflict Resolution​

Conflict may emerge between co-workers, between subordinates and supervisors, or between clients and customers and service providers.  Conflicts may involve individuals or groups.  Tatum Meditation and Financial Coaching can provide Conflict Resolution intervention and training for the various levels of disputes with diplomacy and innovative peacebuilding.  Either through a formal or informal process, the goal is to provide an amicable solution for all parties involved and those who may be affected by the dispute, which may include negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or a combination of these methods.

The goal of mediation is to help opposing parties/individuals to resolve disputes with the assistance of a neutral party without lawyers, or with minimal assistance of lawyers. Meditation is an intervention methodology that focuses on dispute resolution through arbitration, intercession, negotiation, or interposition.  Tatum Meditation and Financial Coaching provides family, divorce, and parenting plans mediations as well as custody and visitations resolution.


The difference between negotiation and mediation is that during a negotiation process Tatum Meditation and Financial Coaching only represents one side of those in dispute.  While the aim is to reach an amicable agreement, Tatum Meditation and Financial Coaching acts on behalf of its client/s through debate, dialogue, intercession, conciliation, or bargaining.  In keeping with its mantra, Nam bonis omnibus (For the good of all), Tatum Meditation and Financial Coaching has as its goal to broker the best deal or settlement possible for its client/s.  The primary focus for Tatum Meditation and Financial Coaching in this area is to serve as negotiator in settling disputes.


Financial Coaching
When it comes to financial coaching, Tatum Meditation and Financial Coaching endeavors to tailor-fit a customized plan for the client/s financial success, which includes, but is not limited to, debt recovery, student loan repayment, money management in relationships, investing, monthly budgeting, home buying, and retirement planning.  Through Financial Coaching, Tatum Meditation and Financial Coaching offers a commonsense approach to taking control of your finances and is beneficial to everyone—from those who are financially secure to those who are financially distressed.  The goal is to help educate the client/s on spending, saving, using credit, consolidating debt, and financing purchases, and can be tailored to singles, families, adults, teens, and kids.