Fees, Venues and More



When it comes to fees and rates, Tatum Meditation and Financial Coaching believes in its motto:  Nam bonis omnibus (For the good of all).  Although each case is different and unique, you will find that the fees and rates are fair and comparable to the market in which the business is conducted.  Interested in resolving your dispute or getting conflict resolution training?  Contact Tatum Meditation and Financial Coaching today.


It is important to note that everything said and done in mediation is confidential.  Unlike going through the court system were everything is a matter of public record, all conversations between the mediator and both parties are held in the strictest confidence.  Any notes taken during the session are immediately destroyed after the mediation process is complete.  When you decided to do mediation, each party is asked to sign an agreement of confidentiality.  Tatum Mediation and Financial Coaching takes this matter seriously.  You are in good hands with us.

Scheduling and Preparing

When you schedule your first session, we begin working towards resolution in that first meeting.  Prior to coming to the mediation table or whatever venue used, all necessary documents will have already been reviewed.  My goal at Tatum Mediation and Financial Coaching is to make sure that you benefit from all the time that you have scheduled and paid for, and this is done with early preparation.  We begin with a gathering information phone call so that you will know what documents need to be filled out or gathered prior to our first meeting.  Give Tatum Mediation and Financial Coaching an opportunity to provide you with excellent service.


With today’s technology, how sessions or training is conducted may vary.  While face-to-face options are available, client/s and their counterparts may also meet remotely via videoconferencing.  These sessions or trainings may be done individually or in conference.  If this option is chosen, a Tatum Meditation and Financial Coaching representative can help set up meetings via a platform that offers a wide range but secure access.  In addition, any documents requiring signatures can also be digitally signed and securely circulated to all involved parties.

Time Invest

Time is an important factor when it comes to mediation.  The time compared to a court case and litigation is drastically different along with the cost.  However, the time it takes to mediate a case is up to the parties involved.  You can resolve your dispute in as little as two hours or it may take many months.  In any case, the time that is needed is in your hands, and it is still a lot less time involved than going through the full litigation process through the courts.  Try mediation, the success rate of mediation is greater than 70 percent.

Free 30-minute Consultation

Before you decide on Tatum Mediation and Financial Coaching, we offer a free 30-minute consultation period.  During this time we discuss your case and the fees.  Give us a call!