Tatum Mediation and Financial Coaching

Tatum Mediation and Financial Coaching promotes peace and equitability Nam bonis omnibus (For the good of all) in resolving disputes and settling matters.  Whether court ordered or personally sought, Tatum Mediation and Financial Coaching seeks to bring resolution at the lowest, most-efficient level possible through conflict resolution, mediation, and negotiation.   The company also offers financial consultation through Financial Coaching, showing clients how to get and maintain control over their finances while building financial stability for the future.

What is Mediation?​

Mediation is a conversation between to opposing parties/individuals to resolve their disputes with the assistance of a neutral party.  Mediation can be done with or without lawyers present.  What is important is that the parties involved are responsible for the outcome of their mediation.  The mediators role is to facilitate the dispute resolution process.

What is Financial Coaching?​

Financial Coaching helps individuals/families make decisions about their finances that will allow them to gain and maintain control.  We use various process that will allow for this control.  It starts with learning how to budget, and then we go from their.  The objective of Financial Coaching is for the individual or family to become financially stable.

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